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Cardboard Baler/Corrugated Box Baler



This baler is mainly used to press the waste paper, carton, cardboard box, PET bottle, plastic and sponge etc into bale.

This baler is mainly used in the restaurant, supermarket, service zone, office building, recycling plant, factory etc.

Product introduction

Technical Parameters:

Model: VES50-15075/LD

Pressure of Cylinder: 50 Tons

Bale Size: 1500x750x500~950mm (LXWXH)

Bale Weight: 300~380kgs

Voltage:3P-200V/220V/380V/400V415V-50/60Hz, can be customised

Operation Mode: Push Button

Open Mode: Push Button, Lifting 

Machine Size: 1970x1130x3250mm (LXWXH)

Machine Weight: 2500 kgs



Feeding door is auto lifting, lowering the labor density and cycling time.

Auto Control Model, safe lockout switch.

Piston rod is processed by precision and strength treatment for long service time and no galling.

Highly accurate joint-shaft bracket ensures the precise concentricity of motor and oil pump, extend oil pump service life.

Pressing plate moves through guide slot, avoiding its leaning.

Turnover by lifting hook, safe and easy.

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