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Semi-automatic Horizontal Baler



These Machines are mainly used in large supermarket, large and middle scope recycling stations and factories to press the loose materials into bales.

This series is suitable to press the waste paper, PET bottle, plastic flim, woven bag, straw, sponge and zip-top can etc.

Product introduction

Technical Parameters:

Model: HBE150-110110

Pressure: 150Tons

Bale Size: 1100x1100x800~1600mm

Feed Opening Size: 2400x1020mm

Bale Weight: 1200-1350kgs

Power: 55kw

Machine Size: 11x3.7x4.9m

Conveyor Size: 1.8x12m


Hydrauilic unlocking and locking, safe  and convinent.

Integrative automatic control with PLC, button and remote, requiring less work labor.

Strong load bearing beam and frame strucure ensures machine run stably and service longer time.

Decentralized knives increase much the cutting efficiency and reduce the machine load.

Automatic Speed adjustment, increasing the production and decrease the consumption.

Pressure pre-set, overload protection, intelligent contorl and self-inspection program.

Independent emergency stop button to stop the machine at any time.

Auto micro-adjustment assembly method is used for hydraulic cylinders, reducing the torque and extend the service life.

Strong frame structure ensures machine longer service time.

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